40 Days for Life starts on September 28th!

      Thank you so very much to all of you who either prayed at Victoria Hospital or at home. Prayer is a very powerful force, isn’t it? According to the national headquarters, there were 10,331 babies saved worldwide and those are only the ones we heard about. Last year over 600 babies have [...]

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God bless all who came to our Walkathon!

Dear pro-life friends, our annual Walk for LIFE was held on Saturday, June 4th at St. Mary’s Choir School on the corner of Lyle and York Street in London, Ontario. Pastor Joe Campbell  presided  over  a prayer service in St. Mary’s Choir School gymnasium at 8:30 a.m. and Bishop Dabrowski celebrated Mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church [...]

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The Dangers of Euthanasia

  Bill C-14 has is now in place. Read  more about the decision on Euthanasia Prevention Coalition’s website (www.epcc.ca) Ontario’s health minister says the province will ensure that drugs for medically assisted dying will be available at no cost. Eric Hoskins also says the province will establish a referral service that will connect physicians unwilling [...]

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What a lovely evening!

  London Area Right to Life Association  hosted its  33rd Annual Gala & Silent Auction on Thursday, May 5th at the Hellenic Centre, 133 Southdale Road, London, Ontario. Doors opened at 5:30 pm so that people could look at the silent auction items. Supper was served at 6:30 pm.  Lia Mills, Founder and Director of True Choice Ministries (crisis [...]

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 Here are some highlights of this year’s March for Life in Ottawa. The annual National March For Life is organized by Campaign Life Coalition, the political arm of the pro-life movement. The event is a forum for pro-life Canadians to demand social justice for the more than 100,000 children who are killed in their mother’s [...]

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Help After Abortion

PROJECT RACHEL – Find comfort hope and healing in the painful aftermath of abortion. Are you still hurting as a result of an abortion or perhaps feel discouraged? There are several ministries offering support to women and men who are struggling with emotional and psychological effects of abortion, sometimes known as post abortion trauma or [...]

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Pray for Mary, Linda and all those who witness to life!

After Wagner walked out of the courtroom, she thanked the approximately 30 pro-life supporters who attended the hearing, and which included long-time pro-life activists Linda Gibbons and Mary Burnie. “Linda’s been going to jail for the last 30 years, and Mary has never missed a court day,” Wagner said. “It’s important to show a message [...]

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Canadians stand with pro-life America

   A group of Canadian young people from Campaign Life Coalition attended the March for Life in Washington DC in spite of extreme weather.  Let us join in solidarity with our American brothers and sisters in prayer for Respect for Life this month and remember how abortion was also “legalized” in Canada. January 22nd marks [...]

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“Mommy” is a powerful new release from a Christian singer, Kira Shcherbakova

Dear pro-life friends, A Christian singer, Kira Shcherbakova emailed me a pro-life song she just composed. It is entitled “Mommy” and contains a powerful message! Kira has graciously allowed me to share this song with you. https://www.gigmasters.com/singer/kira-shcherbakova   She lives in Pennsylannia and her songs can also be purchased on Amazon as mp3 downloads for .99 cents [...]

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Celebrate all human life! #HowDoYouSeeMe

There are so many families who have received the prenatal diagnoses from their doctors that their children have an extra chromosome. These children have “Down Syndrome” and their parents are sometimes scared to go through with the pregnancy because they are told of all the negative factors that “could” happen. Julie Wilson is a photographer [...]

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