A Word From Our Office Coordinator

Dear pro-life friends,

God bless you for all your support of London Area Right to Life Association over the years and welcome to our new donors and members! As you know, our goal is to educate the public about life issues such as abortion, adoption, fetal development and euthanasia.

In my youth there weren’t any “marches for life”. The Supreme Court Decision of 1988 took place during my first year of teaching yet I never knew about it. My world was all about teaching young people and discerning my vocation.

My brother invited me to become a Secular Order Carmelite in 1989 and as my faith deepened and openness to contemplation grew,  so did my awareness of other issues. My friends and family never talked about pro-life issues because we were all pro-life and faith-filled Catholic Christians. Discussions about Scripture and theology led to the realization that to God, “one day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day.” Everything happens for a reason and each person has a purpose in life.

I have always been pro-life and participated in prayer vigils outside of Tillsonburg Hospital which performed abortions. Father John Mooney of Port Burwell was almost run over one night by a young man in his pick up truck! That was my first experience of those who do not believe in the sacredness of  human life. The Lord led me to become a Discalced Carmelite nun for 15 years in a monastery in Boston, Massachusetts, far away from my family and friends. Three years I returned to Canada to discern and to recuperate from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) caused by witnessing our two dogs get into a fight. Having no control over seeing our dogs surrendered triggered other psychological wounds within me, including abandonment issues.

A few months before my decision to come out of the monastery to heal, I was at a Carmelite conference in Baltimore. Reflecting back, I now realize that God was leading me to my new vocation/ministry here at London Area Right to Life Association. I met some people who were attending a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat at the same hotel. A young couple were walking around carrying a fairly big rock which was meant to symbolize their aborted child. At the end of their retreat, the couple are invited to “lay down their burden” and be open to God’s loving forgiveness for having aborted their baby. The Lord led me to feel very comfortable around these retreatants, almost more so than we my sisters in Carmel. He was allowing me to “let go of my past” hurts so that I could also be healed and move on to where HE wanted me to be.

I wish to share with you a photo of our summer student this year and ask you to pray for her and her family who are all very pro-life, God bless them:

Cece Lamb



About Bonnie

Bonnie has worked for London Area Right to Life since November 2012. She is pro-life without exception and prays every day for all those affected by abortion and for their healing & peace.

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  1. Why should i o it 2013/02/22 at 7:24 AM #

    Thanks for the great article..

    • Bonnie 2013/02/22 at 10:56 AM #

      Dear friend, you are welcome. It is truly a privilege to work here and to be of service in the pro-life cause. When you think about it, each one of us can do so much if put our minds to it. Every person has a mission and a responsibility given to us by God; each person has gifts and talents to share for His glory. In Jesus’ peace, Sr. Bonnie

    • Bonnie 2013/02/26 at 9:20 AM #

      Dear friend, you are welcome! In Jesus’ peace, Sr. Bonnie

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