Mark Warawa

Dear pro-life friends, the issue of sex selection female gendercide is still very important.  Mark Warawa wrote on April 17th that:

An overwhelming number of Canadians responded, indicating their support of Motion 408 and I want to thank them. Over the last couple of weeks, I seriously considered my options and how best to move this issue forward. I’ve decided to continue working on the sex selection gendercide issue by speaking at university campuses, giving lectures and engaging in debates. Within Parliament, I will continue to work on this important issue with my colleagues across all party lines.

If you wish to read his letter which thanks his supporters, you can access his website at: . God bless him!


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Bonnie has worked for London Area Right to Life since November 2012. She is pro-life without exception and prays every day for all those affected by abortion and for their healing & peace.
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