“Act of Love” by Larry Paul Santa

Larry Santa is a long time friend of pro-life. This is his explanation for writing “Act of Love”:  On May 8, 2014, A March for Life was held in Ottawa, our nation’s capital. The poignancy of this event stirred me to respond in lyric and melody. The result was: “Act of Love”. This song is meant to question the termination of the life of the unborn.


Lyrics to the song are as follows:

It started softly: on a sultry, silver night. Music and starlight did Magic. Eyes and minds becoming one–leaping in passion. Seeking pleasure and to please. Infatuated unity. Ohh..oh..oh..Act of Love. Ohh..oh..oh..This is Love.

The lovers vow: fidelity that never dies–never for better or for worse. Eyes of hope shine in the dark, exchanging sparks. Shout and cry joyously. Swimming in ecstasy. Ohh..oh..oh..Act of Love. Ohh..oh..oh. This is Love.

BRIDGE: Such a love we share. A treasure so rare. Our hearts and words affirm. Love eternal burns.

Then it happened: your monthly messenger awaited…did not appear. Something different growing here. Making you smile or shed tears?

Fickle fate messing lives. Cutting like a hungry knife. Ohhh..oh..oh..do you love me? Oh…oh..oh..more than it? Ohh..oh..oh..Act of Love. Ohh..oh..oh..This is Love.

Then the visit: the doctor’s vacant eyes are grey, his feelings gone away. Everything is cold: Sterile people and steel.

Moan and groan: feel partition. Scraping out an intrusion. Ohh..oh..oh..Act of Love. Ohh..oh..oh…This is Love.

Visit’s ended: impediment to love removed. Hidden tears…in a basket tiny protest no one hears…woe…

Little body, little soul: no person. Little body, little soul: no spokesman. Ohh..oh..oh..Act of Love. Ohh..oh..oh..This is Love?

BRIDGE: What did we share? Something quite rare. A haunting in my mind. Seeking something I can’t find.

On a dark day do you see little hands, little feet…never walking, never holding? Little voice that never cries…drowning in lies.

Little body, little soul: no person? Little body, little soul: no spokesman. Ohh…oh..oh..Act of Love? Ohh..oh..oh..This is Love?

Larry Santa

About Bonnie

Bonnie has worked for London Area Right to Life since November 2012. She is pro-life without exception and prays every day for all those affected by abortion and for their healing & peace.

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