Men & Abortion: Reclaiming Fatherhood & Finding Peace

There are others who are affected by abortion and in need of healing. There are the “lost fathers” who have either coerced their partners into having abortions or else were not consulted by their partners about the abortion. So many lives are hurt by abortion: babies, women and men. There was an important conference in June 2015 which addressed this topic of “Men and Abortion” hosted by Alliance for Life Ontario.

Counselling sites are available. Please see below for more details if you or someone you know might be still trying to heal and find peace after an abortion:



There is a website which addresses this topic of “lost fatherhood”. You can access the site at and scroll to the topic of “Men and Abortion”. There are links to counselling sites and more information about healing and peace for men.  Tom Golden was one of the speakers at the Alliance for Life Ontario conference in June 2015.

About Bonnie

Bonnie has worked for London Area Right to Life since November 2012. She is grateful to God, her family, her friends, Elaine, Mike Hale who is our new President and to the Board members of LARTLA and all the pro-life family for their loving support of her faith journey. She is pro-life without exception and prays every day for all those affected by abortion and for their healing & peace.

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