Beware Mifegymiso’s effects…

Mifegymiso (RU 486/The Abortion Pill) is now available in Canada.  Let’s pray for all those who are considering abortions…

Mifegymiso does not prevent pregnancy but causes the induced abortion of an established pregnancy up to 7 weeks’ gestation, in Canada. Mifegymiso is a combination product containing one mifepristone (RU 486) 200 mg tablet and four mifeprostol (Gymiso) 200 mg.

Mifepristone (RU486) blocks progesterone, a hormone needed to support pregnancy and provide nutrition to the embryonic child. The second drug, Misoprostol (Gymiso) given 24-48 hours later causes uterine contractions to expel the dead or dying child from the womb. Each tablet is taken buccally placed between the teeth and cheek. 

**Abortion Pill Reversal–1-877-558-0333 or visit**


RU-486, however, is associated with serious and sometimes fatal side effects. A 2011 study of abortions in South Australia in 2009 found that 3.3 % of women who used mifeprostone for abortion ended up in the hospital, while 2.2 % of women with surgical abortions had to go to the emergency room. The rate was 5.7 % for all medical abortions. In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported that 14 women died since 2006 and after taking RU-486 and there 2,207 adverse events, including 612 hospitalizations.

“This human pesticide has no redeeming value for the mother or the baby,” said Jim Hughes of Campaign Life Coalition.

 “This is death we are talking about, not just of the unborn babies but sometimes of the mothers themselves,” stated Canadian Physicians for Life in a press release. “Maternal death in the course of the unnecessary and intentional destruction of a child should be seen as a special tragedy and a repudiation of all that is good in the Canadian medical system.”


**the developers of RU-486 also developed Zyklon-B which was the poison gas used in Hitler’s gas chambers during the Holocaust.**

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Bonnie has worked for London Area Right to Life since November 2012. She is pro-life without exception and prays every day for all those affected by abortion and for their healing & peace.

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