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Did you know that Victoria Hospital did NOT apply for the bubble zone? Guess what? Dr. deVeber, Founder of London Area Right to Life (formerly known as Defense of the Unborn) joined us for prayer on Saturday! He is an amazing pro-life man! He and other “concerned citizens” went to see Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to have him listen to a fetal heartbeat in the hopes of getting the prime minister to repeal the Omnibus Bill of 1969 and protect human life from natural conception to natural death.

“Our local 40 Days for Life Vigil was in the international update!” (Shawn Carney’s words below:)

The London team was blessed by a visit from Dr. Barrie deVeber, one of the founding fathers of Canada’s pro-life movement.
Bonnie, who helps lead the London campaign, described how Dr. deVeber fought to keep abortion out of Canada as the push to decriminalize it ramped up in the 1960s, even having former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his cabinet listen to the sound of a fetal heartbeat.
Bonnie said that during the vigil with Dr.deVeber, a passerby accused 40 Days for Life volunteers, saying “You people are killing innocent women.”
It was a bizarre claim, but Bonnie prays that Dr.deVeber’s visit will help London pro-lifers remember their legacy of “raising public awareness that abortion is not the answer.”


Here is our You Tube video of this year’s year’s prayer vigil. God bless all those who came to pray!

Thank you so very much to all of you who either prayed at Victoria Hospital or at home. Prayer is a very powerful force, isn’t it? According to the national headquarters, there were over 12,000 babies saved worldwide since 40 Days for Life prayer vigils started around 10 years ago. Those are only the ones we heard about.  We miss the presence of our young people praying with us. We pray that 2019’s vigil will inspire young men and women to come pray.


Steve Karlen talking with Margaret Boos & Doreen Lehman

Video of our kick off rally taken by Cole Bezaire, Elaine’s son. (September 2013)

Video of our wrap up party, put together by Bonnie.(November 2013)

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