Introducing Jordynn Fraser

Hello, my name is Jordynn Fraser. I am currently 19 years old and studying Office Administration Executive at Fanshawe College. I have been a strong Catholic throughout my life and raised from a very religious and Catholic family. I trust in God and the Roman Catholic church. I pray to God everyday for the women who have experienced abortion and to help them throughout their lives. I believe that abortion is a huge mistake that any human being can make. Knowing that God gives us children as a gift and aborting the child will be a regret and a mistake. Jesus taught us that life is important and every human being including newborn babies who comes into the world have the right and deserve to live a very happy and healthy life with a family that loves them and will raise them. I have chosen to be a part of this community because I feel like I am doing the right thing. I want to send a message to a lot of people out there that we need to pray to put an end to abortion. Enough is enough and showing a lot of support and making a difference to stopping abortion from happening.

I have been on the London Area Right to Life board for 2 months and currently working in the office for the summer. I have been assisting the office coordinator Bonnie Pember to spreading the word to people to help us make a difference and joining us on events and fundraisers. I am very glad I have found a community like this with awesome and supporting people. We as a community work together as a team to getting people to participate and showing their support to help stop abortion and explaining to people why it’s wrong and talking and focusing on what is the right thing to do. God bless you all.

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