Pray for Mary as her red roses touches hearts…

Pro-life activist Mary Wagner knew there was a high chance she’d be thrown in prison when she set out for Everywoman’s Health Centre in Vancouver April 17.

“She expected to be arrested that morning,” said Mildred Moy, a longtime friend of Wagner.

Wagner has become internationally known as the pro-lifer who enters Canadian abortion clinics to hand out roses and talk to women waiting for the procedure, hoping to change some minds and save some unborn lives. She does this despite the risk of arrest for violating various “bubble zone” laws and probation conditions, and has served several years of the last decade behind bars.

Wagner had been a free woman since about November (after serving a seven-and-a-half-month sentence in Ontario) before this latest arrest.

She invited Moy, and a small handful of other supporters, to pray for her outside the clinic that day. 

“When she told me her plans on the phone, I started tearing up already. I said: ‘Do you want me to see you being arrested?’”

Moy guessed Wagner spent about an hour inside the clinic and managed to give away a few roses before police arrived. Then, “Mary refused to leave because she has committed herself to be with those who are voiceless.”

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  1. Patrice Woodworth 2014/05/21 at 10:32 AM #

    Thank you Bonnie for this update. Do we know any thing about the two expert Wittnesses? Has judge ferguson O’Donnel made a decision on that. I was at the trial and was so glad to be ther for Mary. I also was gifted to see her at Vanier with her father. She is so beautifully graced.

    • Bonnie 2014/05/21 at 11:17 AM #

      Dear Patrice, I am not sure about the witnesses. If you Google Life Site News, there was a detailed article about the case which I shared on London Area Right to Life Association’s Facebook page. May 30th is the feast day of Saint Joan of Arc who was also on trial. She wasn’t vindicated until after her death but perhaps she will ask the Lord to intercede for Mary at this new trial. God bless you and your desire to protect life in all stages. I am sure that Mary appreciates your support very much.

      God bless,


  2. stella salamanca 2014/06/11 at 9:14 AM #

    Hi Bonnie,

    I am wondering if the funding for Mary Wagner is still going on. I read about this many months ago.

    Thank you and God bless.


    • Bonnie 2014/06/11 at 1:59 PM #

      Dear Stella,

      Yes, the funding is still going on. Do you have the information about where to send the money for her defense fund? Please continue to pray for Mary. God bless you!

      In Jesus’ peace,


  3. randall patrick powers 2019/02/28 at 2:12 PM #

    dear mary wagner i read about in you the fatima centre publication and i just want to let you know that since that time many years ago i have included you in my daily prayers.our justice system needs to change and our culture needs to revolve around sanctity of the holy family.this is the future.god bless you and yours.sincerely randall.

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