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Fetal Development

For decades, Milestones of Early Life has been one of the most effective and most used pro-life brochures offered. It is accurate, authoritative, and documented. Each fact is backed up by the newest research available from world renowned embryologists, developmental biologists, and researchers in the field, and is fully footnoted. The incredible story of human development from documented scientific evidence. Heritage House is the publisher of this brochure. Their website is and you can see the various stages of fetal development from conception  to birth.

Milestones of Early Life is a 3 panel full color brochure that describes the beauty and wonder of developing unborn life through a concise, easy to read text and four beautiful photos of the unborn. This positive brochure is suitable for all audiences.

What They Never Told You About The Facts of Life

Sure, you know about the birds and the bees. But do you know what happens after conception? Do you know what you looked like just 2 weeks into your mom’s pregnancy? Do you know the amazing facts about the first 9 months of your life? The “Facts of Life” Brochure will answer all of these questions and more. This beautiful brochure opens into a full color poster, containing real in-utero images to take the reader through the nine months of pregnancy. Every stage from conception to birth is intricately described in order to understand the medical marvel of fetal development!

Other pamphlets include: The first 9 months; How You Began…

Books:  In The Womb

Based on National Geographic’s acclaimed television program, this is a fascinating perspective for anyone captivated by the miracle of life.

Imagine being able to observe a child’s delicate features as they evolve over the course of a pregnancy, or witness the complex behaviour of new human life in utero. Now we can, thanks to the advent of innovative 3-D and 4-D imaging technologies which provide a powerful diagnostic tool for doctors and cast vivid light on our earliest development.

Each spread features a central image and information about that particular stage as well as brief commentary explaining what we know and how we know it. For example, at 24 weeks we watch a fetus open and close her eyes, display facial expressions resembling a grimace and a frown, and stick out her tongue (no one has yet established exactly why). And during the last trimester, we learn, she experiences REM sleep and can hear loud noises through the fluids of her mother’s body—a first hint of the world that awaits outside the womb.

From Conception to Birth: A Life unfolds

The milestones of pregnancy, which before could only be described, can now be witnessed: the heart’s first beats, the appearance of colour in the eyes, the emergence of toes and teeth, the brain and nervous system directing development, the first movement of tiny arms and legs, the first indications of gender, the wonderful symbiosis of mother and child, the symphony of the body’s system coming into being and working in concert.

The books tracks the development of a baby from the moment of conception, through the explosively complex early stages of development, and the amazing stages of growth as the baby is nurtured by the mother, ending with the joy of birth.

All this is made possible by Alexander Tsiaras’ use of his virtual camera studio which enables the photographer to view a human body or any part of  it individually, scan it, enlarge it, rotate it, adjust its transparency so that we can view inside a living being, and light it from any angle.

Other books include: In my mother’s womb, The wonderful ways that babies are made, Secret life of an unborn child, to name just a few…

DVD-The Biology of Prenatal Development

Explore human prenatal development through all 38 weeks of pregnancy with emphasis on the first trimester developmental period.

DVDs-A Preview of a Birth, The Miracle of Life (from the PBS program “NOVA”); Windows to the womb; In the Womb (National Geographic); A Question of Worth; Before you were born…

**Our office also has fetal models. They are realistic, life-sized mannequins of a baby from 12 weeks to birth.**

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