We encourage teachers, parents, students, church groups and community groups to make use of our educational resources. We are always looking for up-to-date and  factual resources on the life issues. If you see a need for something not listed here, please contact us and let us know at:

Please see the Resources pages listed under Education here and also at the top of our home page labelled RESOURCES. The office has a wealth of videos, pamphlets and books that are excellent resources for any pro-life educational presentation. For a modest deposit, DVDs or VHS tapes can be borrowed for use in a classroom or at Sunday school. There are also fetal models that are used in our pro-life elementary school program as well as the DVD “You are a masterpiece.”

A power point created by our office coordinator describes fetal development, services provided by London Area Right to Life Association as well as other local agencies such as Beginnings, Birthright, Fresh Start Maternity Supports, JFJ Hope Centre in Mississauga and London Crisis Pregnancy Centre, health risks of abortion, help for post-abortion healing from agencies like Project Rachel and adoption services. Teachers can contact the office at 519-659-3334 or email us at in order to arrange a presentation.

There is also a Curriculum Supplement called The Interim Plus which pro-life educators might want to access. You can locate the forum at   in order to exchange ideas, views, and communicate your thoughts and teaching strategies on key issues of the day.



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