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The elementary school program has been discontinued.God bless all of the students, teachers, principals and our wonderful volunteers!! Thank you for sharing your time and talents in this very important ministry. The London Area Right to Life Association’s Board of Directors is developing an Education Initiative Committee to reach out to church youth groups and catechism classes who would be interested. Several independent church youth groups use materials from our office in their Sunday School classes.

Anna Ebert of Good Hope Ministries recently sent us an update of how the missionaries are using fetal models donated by London Area Right to Life Association. Lives are being changed!

Below are some stories. Thank you again for the foetus models. I know it is saving the lives not only of the babies but many mothers.

Anna Ebert

Good Hope Ministries, Malawi


After I finished teaching abortion, a mother group had to say, “This lesson has come on time. Last week we lost a 13-year-old girl because her mother had forced her to abort. I really thank God for your coming, maybe women can stop with that behavior.”



A girl named Grace came to me after the abortion lessons and said ”This lesson has come on time since last week two girls have aborted and since then, their bodies look very weak because they lost a lot of blood.  After seeing how that fetus looks is that when you are pregnant it’s your responsibility to take care of your baby.”



After I finished teaching a woman from the mother’s group said ”This lesson has been so helpful because women usually encourage girls to abort. I really thank God for allowing you to come here and teach us.”



After I finished teaching, two girls had this to say “What you were teaching is real. Girls are killing babies. Thank you for demonstrating the fetus models to us because we didn’t know that it’s real babies that we were killing.” Another said, “My sister did it last month and almost died.”

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Grades 5/6 presentation
“I’m Special”
(the presentation is one hour in length).
The video “The Miracle of You” is viewed by the students.
Pre-approved handouts to students

The topics:

  • We are each unique and special
  • God’s loves each one of us
  • The miracle of life in the womb
  • Stages of development using fetal models

Grades 7/8 presentation
“I’m Worth Waiting For”
(the presentations are 21/2 hours in length).
The video “Sex Has a Price Tag 2000” is viewed by the students.
Pre-approved handouts to students

The Topics:

  • Pro-life issues
  • God’s design for sexual intimacy
  • Chastity
  • Costs of sex outside of marriage
  • God’s help

Teachers are given resource materials and both staff and students complete feedback forms and return to the Board office. Presenters review comments from staff and students at a year-end wrap-up gathering.


“Great springboard for discussion. Parent who attended enjoyed presentation and looked forward to discussing it with her child. Informative, educational, presented with sensitivity. Very helpful to Family Life program.”

“I was impressed with all of the brochures and information packages that were distributed to the students. Very much appreciated!”

“This was an excellent presentation giving the facts in a straight forward manner. Many Thanks.”

“Great video, students discussed it all day long! Interesting and engaging presentation, probably could have gone on all day… the students were very interested and engaged in learning. Thank you.”

Grades 5/6:

“Overall I think it was an amazing presentation about what makes us special.”

“I learned that God knew us before we were born.”

“I learned that we are all special and unique.”

“I learned life starts at conception not birth.”


“I liked that she showed us the passage in the bible because sometimes I feel like I don’t belong. It reminded me that I do!”

Grades 7/8:

“This presentation will help me and guide me through my life.”

“Before this presentation I thought little of abortion killing people. I just thought it was a surgical removal of something that could, not something that was.”

“The most meaningful thing was learning about euthanasia, infanticide and abortion. I never knew this was deliberate killing. I wasn’t even sure what abortion was.”

“What they do is very good. Children need speakers like these so they know the value of life and sex. I have made my commitment and that is to follow God’s direction which is to have sex after marriage.”

“I have learned an astounding lesson today!”


THE ACRONYM S.L.E.D. : A helpful way to remember our shared humanity with embryos and fetuses:

SIZE: Embryos are smaller than newborns and adults, but why does that matter? Do we say that large people are more human than small ones? Men are generally larger than women but that doesn’t mean that they deserve more rights. Size doesn’t equal value.

LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT: Embryos and fetuses are less developed than the adults they will one day become. Six year old girls are less developed than sixteen year old girls but this doesn’t change their value as human beings. Some people say that self-awareness makes one human. Six week old infants don’t have the ability yet to perform human mental functions and neither do the reversibly comatose, the sleeping and those with Alzheimer’s. But because they are human, they have the right to life. So why not babies in the womb?

ENVIRONMENT: Where you are has no bearing on who you are. Does your value change when you cross the street or roll over in bed? If not, how can it be that the unborn suddenly change from non-human to human after the short journey down the birth-canal. The unborn have the same value as the born.

DEGREE OF DEPENDENCY: Those who depend on insulin, kidney or other medications are valuable because they are human and we may not kill them. Newborn babies, needing others to feed and care for them, are dependant but we value them. So why not give the dependant baby in the womb the same value?

Do we value babies in the womb less simply because we cannot see them? Today’s sonogram technology has changed all that! As a society, we need to take special care of both mother and child. We also need to take special care of those women and men suffering from post-abortion trauma and direct them to where they can get help.

Pope Francis in his New Year’s address:

“We are living in a ‘throwaway culture’. Unfortunately, what is thrown away is not only food and dispensable objects, but often human beings themselves, who are discarded as ‘unnecessary’. For example, it is frightful even to think there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day.”

Fr. Frank Pavone (Priests for Life):

“If it’s wrong that children are deprived of food, it’s wrong that they are deprived of life. To fight poverty but to take a pro-choice position is nothing short of illogical.”

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