Click here for the 1970-2006 abortion statistics


Canadian Abortion Statistics – A site detailing the number of therapeutic abortions from 1970 – 1995. Also a number of different statistics regarding the abortions that took place in 1995. (website address)

LifeCanada E-Newsflash March 2006(PDF – 168k – Life Canada)

Canadian Abortion Statistics for 2002(PDF – 68k -CDNAbortionStats2002)

As of 2010, abortion statistics are not made public. However, we do have a report that can be accessed TA_11_ALLDATATABLES20130221_EN

LifeCanada Abortion Report 2011 Final is an excellent site to access for reports and press releases. The following reports and polls are from them:

Abortion Poll Report 2013

Canadian Youth Oppose Late Abortions – Poll is a blog by Patricia Mahoney discussing abortion statistics and how the government does not allow them to be seen, as a result of the Privacy Act.

There are also press releases about Life Canada Supports Conservative MP about Motion 312 and Stephen Woodworth. Also, there are  press releases about Right2Life Mail – Release_ MPs have Failed Canadians on Sex Selection Abortion and Mark Warawa.

Just in…Abortion poll 2013.pdf about gender selection abortion. Click on Gender Selection abortion 2013 Poll

This new poll shows Canadians overwhelmingly oppose sex-selective abortions. Click Canadians oppose sex selection abortions (new poll) for details.

New information concerning the increase of euthanasia in Belgium can be found in the following article. Click Increase of cases of euthanasia in Belgium for details.

Alex Schadenberg of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition also published an article recently about euthanasia in Switzerland. Click ALEX SCHADENBERG, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Swiss Suicide case is only part of the assisted suicide debate. for details.

Some new information from Jakki Jeffs at Alliance for Life Ontario just send us new information about Still birth information which she passed along to Brian Lilley at Sun Ne ws.

Jakki Jeffs of Alliance for Life Ontario just forwarded the 2014 statistics released by CHIH (Canadian Institute for Health Information): induced_abortion_can_2014_en_web (3)

CIHI releases 2014 abortion statistics

CIHI released their 2014 abortion statistics today. Like last year they are in Excel format.

2014 total abortions were 81,897 compared to 82,869 in 2013. But of course, as usual, clinic data is incomplete and still no abortions reported for doctor’s offices and BC clinic data is also incomplete.

There were 540 clinic abortions reported in NB in 2013, but clinic data is absent for 2014.

In 2014 Newfoundland and Labrador reported 867 abortions, but in 2013 Newfoundland and Labrador’s clinic abortions were absent.

From CIHI:

“Hospitals are mandated by their provincial/territorial ministry of health to report all hospital activity (not limited to abortions); therefore, coverage of abortions performed in Canadian hospitals can be considered complete. However, there is no such legislative requirement for clinics to report their activity (reporting is voluntary). For 2014, clinic data for British Columbia is incomplete, and clinic data for New Brunswick is absent.”

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