Abortion/Breast Cancer

Legal Implications of a Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer
Dozens of studies have shown that the greater the number of abortions, the higher the incidence of breast cancer. Three states expressly require physicians to disclose to patients seeking abortion that the procedure may increase the risk of breast cancer. Three other states have more general disclosure requirements about abortion. (Download PDF – Legal Implications)

The Corruption of Science by Ideology
The scientist, we like to think, dedicates himself to objective truth. He examines the facts and follows them wherever they lead—no matter what the consequences. Galileo supposedly serves as the prime example of this heroic stance, though the main difficulties he faced were not due to ecclesiastical prejudice, as is so often claimed, but to the fact that there was not, at that time, convincing proof of the heliocentric theory. Ethics & Medics: A Commentary of The National Catholic Bioethics Center on Health Care and the Life Sciences.(Download PDF – Furton ABC)

The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
Thirty years ago when Roe v. Wade was decided, I was a third-year medical student at Georgetown University. The third year is when medical students leave the classroom and go into hospitals to do their clinical rotations. The ruling had an immediate effect on the practice and ethics of medicine. No longer would my obstetrics professor tell his students that his was a unique specialty, that he always had two patients to consider, mother and child. Now only when the mother wanted the child did we treat two patients. Ethics & Medics: A Commentary of The National Catholic Bioethics Center on Health Care and the Life Sciences.(Download PDF – Lanfranchi_ABC)

The Abortion–Breast Cancer Connection
The reputation of abortion as safe for women—which claim is explicitly part of the Roe v. Wade decision—has rightfully come under serious question for many reasons over the years since Roe. One of the reasons that “safe abortion” has come under question is the evidence linking abortion to an increased risk of breast cancer (ABC link). The ABC link has been an issue that has been in and out of the limelight in recent years. It is an issue which has stubbornly refused to go away despite recurrent pronouncements from high places of its nonexistence. (Download PDF – Brind_ABC)




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  1. Heather 2018/10/30 at 8:57 AM #

    “The relationship between induced and spontaneous abortion and breast cancer risk has been the subject of extensive research beginning in the late 1950s. Until the mid-1990s, the evidence was inconsistent. Findings from some studies suggested there was no increase in risk of breast cancer among women who had had an abortion, while findings from other studies suggested there was an increased risk. Most of these studies, however, were flawed in a number of ways that can lead to unreliable results. Only a small number of women were included in many of these studies, and for most, the data were collected only after breast cancer had been diagnosed, and women’s histories of miscarriage and abortion were based on their “self-report” rather than on their medical records. Since then, better-designed studies have been conducted. These newer studies examined large numbers of women, collected data before breast cancer was found, and gathered medical history information from medical records rather than simply from self-reports, thereby generating more reliable findings. The newer studies consistently showed no association between induced and spontaneous abortions and breast cancer risk.”


    It is irresponsible and, quite frankly, shameful to use blatant misinformation as a scare tactic.

    • Bonnie 2018/10/30 at 10:24 AM #

      Dear Heather,
      Have you ever seen the recent movie Hush? The documentary was produced recently by an investigative journalist who discovered the correlation between abortion and breast cancer. The Cancer Society has been covering up the correlation between breast cancer and abortion for years. Another researcher is Vicki Thorn who can provide some enlightenment.
      There isn’t an intent to “scare” anyone but rather to point out the current findings. You could look at the following websites have more information that may prove enlightening to you.
      The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute is found at
      Our goal is simply to educate the public.

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