Pro-life resources for our youth

This page is exclusive to pro-life young people who want to be inspired, get involved and stay informed.

What does it mean to be Pro-Life?
Being pro-life means advocating for the handicapped, the aged, the sick and the unborn in our society. It means speaking on behalf of those who often cannot speak for themselves. If you are attending university, there is a pro-life club at the University of Western Ontario called Western Lifeline. Check out their website at

Stephanie Gray and Lia Mills are two young women who speak out on life issues.

What About Sex?
In today’s fast-paced world, the word CHASTITY seems really out of place, but it’s important to remember that chastity is the foundation for healthy families. There are many reasons for one to remain chaste, including pregnancy, STD’s, broken hearts, etc.

There is nothing more special than saving yourself to that special person who you have been waiting for, all your life. There is nothing more precious than having a husband and a wife saving themselves for each other until their marriage. Without many realizing it, they are already on their way to a satisfying and mutually-respecting marriage. Research has proven that married couples who wait until they are married have better and more satisfying sex then those couples who were sexually active or with a history of sexual activity before marriage, whose divorce rates are also considerably higher.

In today’s world, it will take courage for you to take a stand, but we are here to help you achieve your goal.

You will need courage to:

• Forgive yourself for bad choices in the past
• Raise your standard of dating partners
• Create an atmosphere of chastity around you
• Hang-out with people that may not be as popular as your old friends
• Have self-control
• Stop going to places you know you shouldn’t go
• Stop watching or listening to material that is too sexually-suggestive

We have quite a few resources in this area, including videos, DVDs, pamphlets, etc. Stop by the office and we will assist you with your particular need.

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