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We are approaching the end of November and so much has happened this year! The office has moved to 341 Talbot Street in London. Plus the organization is in the process of re-branding! Many milestones!!

Every day I try to research more information in order to be able to understand how abortion is viewed and how often misunderstandings arise from lack of knowledge. Each person has a story to tell, a wound to be healed, a conflict to be resolved. 

For me, life is meant to be cherished and protected. Every person in the world is unique and irreplaceable. Our society seems to have become a self-absorbed one, interested only in how to make money at others’ expense. A woman who is in need of help with a “crisis pregnancy” should be informed of all the options, not just abortion. There are agencies willing and able to assist her in keeping her baby.

My prayer is that as we enter into the sacred season of Advent, we open our eyes to the wonders of God’s love, manifested in the Baby born in a stable to poor parents. Jesus loves us; can we not love others enough to truly listen???

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