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September 12, 2017

LARTLA’s fall events are fast approaching!  We need volunteers  for 40 Days for Life! Call Bonnie at 519-659-3334 or

London Area Right to Life Association is an educational resource centre with pamphlets, DVDs, CDs and books about various life issues. Our organization is charitable, non-profit and not affiliated with any political movements.

Did you know that our young people are the “pro-life generation”?  Check out some of these videos:

God bless Lia Mills and all those who witness to the sanctity of human life. She is only 20 years old and already has been part of the pro-life movement for 7 years. Check out her video below:


My work is never done here in the office. Please pray for us as we labour “in the vineyard” as we all do in order to bring about the kingdom of the Lord Jesus. Saint Therese of Lisieux once said that we must try to do ordinary tasks with extraordinary love. We are not alone; Jesus encourages us that He is with us in our daily work. God bless all of our 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers who come out to pray rain or shine!!

Please watch this thought provoking trailer “40”.  There are many opinions out there; what will you choose to do?

Please see the video of our 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns highlights below: 

Here are a few more photos of our loving and faithful prayer volunteers:

My Dad, Fred, passed away on Monday, August 3rd, 2015 while in hospital. He was beginning to suffer from kidney failure on Saturday, August 1st and my Mom had to have him admitted to hospital to palliative care. I shudder when I read articles about euthanasia and assisted suicide! My Dad was in distress the afternoon that he died but there was pain medication available, caring nurses, and our family was with Dad until to and including the end of his life. Love surrounds us when we desire to truly help and not simply “put someone out of his misery”. My Mom and Dad were married for 56 years and their love shone through the pain experienced by both of them.


“Will you join in our crusade?” sings the chorus of Les Miserables. Will you join our crusade to save children from abortion???    

Have you  ever seen the film ‘Crescendo’. It makes me think how amazing God’s providential love is and how sacred life is. Here it is so that you can watch it:


Our new President, Mike Hale, has been doing a great job! Please pray for him and for our former President, Elaine Arnsby, who has left London to go help her Mom in Amherstburg. Here are their photos taken on the occasion of Steve Karlen’s visit to London, Ontario during last fall’s  40 Days for Life Campaign. Steve Karlen is one of the national 40 Days for Life executive directors from the United States. He came on a whirlwind tour of Ontario’s 40 Days for Life campaigns from Windsor to London and beyond last October…




Mike Hale & Bill Onstein

 Our Past President, Elaine Arnsby


Phil Arnsby, ‘In Memoriam’:

Please click Stephanie Gray’s tribute to Phil .

Please click In Memory of Phil Arnsby to read John Bulsza’s article about Phil.

(Phil Arnsby was our former President and husband of our current Past President, Elaine Arnsby. He enrolled London Area Right to Life in the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign and spearheaded the Life Chain witness in London. His faith, wit, organizational skills, joy, and many other beautiful aspects of his personality will always be remembered. )

Here are a few videos about chastity that I wish to share. Our pro-life family is called to be counter-cultural, wouldn’t you agree?






































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