Annual Walkathon 2019 (Saturday, June 8)

Join us on Saturday, June 8 at St. Mary’s Choir School. There will be a Mass held in St. Mary’s Church, 347 Lyle Street and a non-denominational prayer service in St. Mary’s Choir School gymnasium. Both services will take place at 8:30 am, followed by registration at 9:15 am in the gymnasium. The walk will begin at 9:45 am, after a group photo shoot. If you cannot walk, please consider sending in a donation instead. We will also have someone to walk for you.

You can download the route and pledge sheet from the pdf  found below:

Walkathon Route and pledge sheet

Western Fair 2019 (September 6-15)

The London Area Right to Life rents a booth each year at the Western Fair.  We have been there for over 40 years, educating fair-goers about the development and humanity of preborn babies. The table is run by volunteers who give of their time, talents and knowledge of pro-life current events. God bless each of our volunteers!! 

Resources include: a DVD showing 4D ultrasounds, pamphlets, Precious Feet pins and more. Plus there is a raffle prize! What more can you ask for???                         

Life Chain 2019 (Sunday, October 6)

Meet at the corner of Fanshawe Park Road and Richmond. We will pray in silence from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

 LIFE CHAIN is a prayer vigil during which we spend an hour on the sidewalk holding signs with pro-life messages, praying for an end to abortion. The Life Chain is conducted across North America.  We hope that you can come out to pray for one hour. As Jesus asked of His disciples, “can you watch one hour” in prayer to end abortion? Our lives are not our own. We are made in the image and likeness of God our Creator and loved beyond belief.

The official Life Chain website can be found here:

40 Days for Life 2019  (September 25 to November 2)

For more information, see our London 40 Days website:

 The Catholic churches in London and area will have their “team captain” who will ensure that each church’s parishioners sign up for a day that the church chooses. We hope that our non-Catholic, pro-life friends will do the same. That way all 40 days will be covered. Together we can make a difference!!

Thank you to all of our prayer volunteers; we hope you can join us again this year and perhaps bring a friend or a family member who have never participated in 40 Days for Life.

Approximately 50 children are aborted weekly in London! If you have tried to watch the film, the Silent Scream, you will understand why these preborn babies in the womb need to be protected. Abortion is the dismemberment of babies who simply wish to be born. Imagine if you had been aborted? Or someone you love?

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