We encourage teachers, parents, students, church groups and community groups to make use of our educational resources. More details can be found in the RESOURCES tab at the top of our home page. Books are also available. No room to list them all here but come in and see what our office has to offer. Books &  DVDs can be borrowed for a modest, refundable deposit of just $ 5.00. Schools and church groups can also borrow the fetal models we have for a refundable  deposit of $ 25.00. Pamphlets and book marks are free. We also have “precious feet” pins (the feet are the actual size of a baby’s feet/ 10 weeks old in the womb), “precious feet” earrings & licence plate covers for only $ 2.00.


Pamphlets: Before you choose; You’re pregnant, now what?; Abortion:Risks & Dangers; A Right to Know: an intellectually honest look at the abortion debate; Detrimental effects of  adolescent abortion; Is this really happening to me?; Forgotten Fathers: Men & Abortion...(to name just a few) For adoption: Adoption: a loving choice; Adoption: a hard choice; Conceived in rape: a story of hope (the Rebecca Kiessling story. She is a pro-life lawyer whose birth mother almost aborted her because the mother had been raped. We also have a DVD published by Rebecca about her life and how she in turn also adopted children). “Personhood” is a booklet which outlines how Canada’s Criminal Code does not consider a baby in the womb to be a “person” according to the law. Did you know Canada has no abortion law? Babies can be aborted up to and including birth!

Since our office is the educational branch of the pro-life movement, we also have pamphlets from agencies that provide counselling and practical, confidential  support for mothers who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy: Birthright, Beginnings ( which helps with adoption), Fresh Start Maternity Supports, and though we do not have their pamphlets, we have the phone numbers and website of London Crisis Pregnancy Centre ( Crisis line is: 519-432-7098). Just click on the agencies’ names and you will be connected to their websites automatically for further information.

If you have had an abortion, we have resources for you.Pamphlets include: Secret Sorrow; Broken Women; Men Hurt Too; Project Rachel (1-888-355-1110 for confidential counselling). We also have a variety of books and films discussing post-abortive experiences and struggles.

**there are also pamphlets about the connection between abortion and breast cancer in women**

DVDs: A Distant Thunder; October Baby; Sarah’s Choice;  Blood money: the cost of abortion; Unplanned (true story of Abby Johnson, a former leader of a  Planned Parenthood clinic); Bella; It was meant to be; Conceived in rape: From worthless to priceless (produced by Rebecca Kiessling 

New DVDs include: Hush, Gosnell, Dropbox, Euthanasia Deception & Fatal Flaws.


Pamphlets: Why abstinence?; Express yourself when it comes to saying no about sex; Sex: is there more to it?; For girls only; For guys only… ( to name just a few…)

DVDs: Sex has a price tag (used in the grades 7 & 8 chastity program) by Pam Stenzel; Love Lessons: Purity is possible (featuring Pam Stenzel); Teens & Chastity with speaker Molly Kelly (VHS tape);  and more…


Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide:

Pamphlets: When the doctor kills the patient; If mercy killing becomes legal; Caring, not killing; and Living Wills: what are the pitfalls? by Geoff Cauchi, a pro-life lawyer

Books: including Exposing Vulnerable People to Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide by Alex Schadenberg, director of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (new release; a must read book)

DVDs: Dr. Margaret Somerville about Euthanasia, recorded at Brescia College on March 7,2012; Turning the Tide; Current Issues, Future Directions (complete DVD set of First International Symposium on Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide); VHS tapes about Mark Pickup who has MS; Lies of the Euthanasia Movement…. and more….

Fetal Development:

Pamphlets: including Milestones of Early Life

DVDs: Life Begins; In the womb; Biology of prenatal development; and more…

IVF (InVitro Fertilization):

Pamphlets:  ” A look at in-vitro fertilization” put out by AFLO (Alliance for Life Ontario), Billings Method published by WOOMB (World Organization/Ovulation Method {Billings}), 12 great reasons to use the Creighton Model (Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Centre/ 

DVDs: “Eggsploitation” and “Making Perfect Babies”

Stem Cell Research:

Pamphlets: The truth about stem cell research; Stem cells, cloning & emergency contraception; Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells (published by, explains how the placenta and umbilical cord can be saved for future therapy if the baby or family member has an illness)

DVDs: “Lines that Divide: The Great Stem Cell Debate”

“Ethics of Stem Cell Research-Dr. Clem Persaud” taped at Mother Theresa High School on September 30, 2004. Dr. Persaud is a semi-retired Professor of Medical Microbiology and Biotechnology at Canadore College in Northern Ontario for 23 years. He is a pro-life speaker.

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